Investigating the Adoption of a Cloud First Strategy Whitepaper

Cloud First

One of the most disruptive trends of the century is the Cloud First initiative.

Promises of unrivaled speed and agility for infrastructure, platforms and application services have driven many enterprises to adopt a Cloud First strategy.

However, even after 10 years of Cloud hype, confusion is still common.

Our whitepaper, Investigating the Adoption of a Cloud First Strategy, gives answers to the most common questions about the Cloud First strategy, including:
  • Is Cloud the only option for innovation?
  • Which cloud service is the right choice for your organisation: Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud?
  • Should organisations forgo a formal Cloud First initiative because the inevitable will happen
  • How can IT partners work with teams to simplify the adoption of Cloud first strategies and lay the groundwork to enable organisations to successfully transition?


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Posted by Helen Thomas

Cloud first

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