On Demand Webinar: An Insight from Salford City Council

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Salford City Council is embracing in-depth business intelligence capabilities, including Big Data and IoT initiatives, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics to not only improve local services but also transform the way the council interacts with residents.

Jon Burt, Head of Technology Operations and Infrastructure at Salford City Council joined us on our recent webinar to discuss how the council is leading the way in helping to deliver next generation local government services with the support of big data and IoT initiatives. 

In the webinar, we discuss:

  • How the council is using technology to predict future demand for their services
  • Why the council is looking into an IoT strategy to support initiatives such as smart parking, intelligent lighting, smart roads and independent living.
  • How the council is creating a strategy for a smart data and analytics platform to enable informed decision making and early intervention.

Posted by Helen Thomas

Presented by:

Jon Burt // Head of Technology Operations and Infrastructure // Salford City Council                      // 32 Minutes