On Demand Webinar: An insight from Staffordshire University

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ANS’ CTO Andy Barrow joins our guest speaker Alison Phillips, Head of Digital Projects at Staffordshire University as she discusses how the university is enhancing its reputation as a leading provider of software engineering, games design and e-sport related courses, as well as providing a more thorough digital learning experience in its more traditional courses.

In the webinar, we discuss:

• How Staffordshire is working to become a truly 24-hour university, so that students can access resources and support whenever and wherever necessary.
• How the university is now able to enhance both its curriculums and corporate strategy using technologies such as machine learning and virtual reality.
• How they are ensuing the best possible use of their cloud investment to achieve complete digital transformation in an agile and cost-efficient way.

Posted by Helen Thomas

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Alison Phillips // Head of Digital Projects // Staffordshire University                                                                                                            // 30 minutes //