Women in Tech: what you had to say

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What year it's been for our first Women in Tech campaign! 2019 is the year we kickstarted our mission to discover more about why there are so few women and tech and how we can encourage and inspire more women and young girls to consider a role in technology.

As part of our campaign, we wanted to get the real picture on women in tech and learn more about what the tech industry can be doing to support more women in technical roles. We turned to our partners, customers and employees to get their thoughts on the women in tech issue today.

We want to work with organisations that share the same values as us, as well as our passion for building a diverse and inclusive industry for everyone. Let's see what our partners, customers and employees had to say.

Click the image below to get the full results - you might be surprised. 

WIT Infographic preview

And if you want to know more, watch the video to hear from our Women in Tech Ambassador, Beth Williams, the latest on what's been happening in our Women in Tech campaign.


Posted by Kate Auchterlonie