Will you start the fans please: ANS beats the Crystal Maze

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At ANS, we love a crazy summer bash to get everyone together and take a well-deserved Friday out of the office. Last summer, we took on a real life total wipe out course, the day was a hit albeit some serious competitive streaks came out in our teams, but in the end it was our CEO, Paul Shannon’s team who took the crown.

This year, we stepped up our game and took the competition to the Crystal Maze Live Experience in Manchester. If we thought our teams were competitive, we’d seen nothing yet. Never before had we planned such a hotly anticipated event and understandably so, for many of our employees, they were about to live out their childhood dream.

From battling wall climbing in the Aztec zone, solving murder mysteries in the industrial zone, deciphering codes in the futuristic zone, to working out riddles in the medieval zone.

All that crystal collecting lead us to the Crystal Dome (it’s even more impressive in real life), where we battled it out to see who could collect the most golden tokens. From board members to apprentices, everyone had the chance to win those all important crystals for their team.

But that’s not all! Since we all love a good old-school TV show, we lined up 4 classic games to win even more points throughout the day. We played Generation Game, Family Fortunes, Catchphrase all of which we were sure would win us more points. Then came the 4th game, Play Your Cards right, where it could all go wrong.

There were many rumours along the corners of the Crystal Maze as to who would come out on top. Some teams were well into the lead sitting comfortably, only to have it taken away from them when the underdogs of the day flipped the scores on their head just in time.

Congratulations to our winners, Team Claire! After a shocking round on the retro TV quiz shows, they managed to make an incredible come back in the Crystal Maze, winning a whopping 12 crystals, giving them plenty of time in the Crystal Dome to take first place.

The Crystal Maze Live Experience is everything you could imagine.. and more. The maze masters are the wackiest, friendliest hosts we’ve ever met. Thank you so much to the team at Crystal Maze who made the day extra special.

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To find out how you can take on the Crystal Maze yourself, click here.

Posted by Kate Auchterlonie