Why Cloud Native Development is a no Brainer!

Cloud Native Application Development

Increasingly, I’m seeing more and more organisations approaching digital transformation in the wrong way (and believe me, there definitely is a right and wrong way!) Most digital transformation projects fail, or struggle to get off the ground because those doing the legwork start with the technology first. Big mistake!

Traditional development practices have served us pretty well for the past 20 years or so but over time, the downsides of traditional development styles have become more and more apparent.

In my opinion, the glaring issue with traditional development is that it leads you to address the technology before you consider where you’re going to host it. This means that usually, your systems and applications end up in the wrong place. While everything may appear hunky-dory initially, in the long term it could mean they become difficult to scale and change.

Thankfully, we’re now seeing the emergence of cloud native development. Unlike traditional development, cloud native considers all factors from day one – from the platform that hosts the application, all the way through to what type of services and technology can be leveraged from that platform.

This means that by considering all of these factors simultaneously, organisations gain access to opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Let’s take a look at just a handful of the benefits you can expect to achieve:

  1. Improved collaboration – no matter what setup you have locally, by developing in the cloud, you will achieve a standard build environment which will vastly improve the ease of collaboration.
  2. Spin up development and testing environments easily - developing in cloud allows you to spin up development and testing environments easily, quickly and cost effectively without having to wait around for hardware and software to be set up.
  3. Achieve more in less time - one of the biggest benefits is the ability to use off the shelf solutions for search, analytics, data storage, ML and AI, provided by hyperscale public cloud providers. This means you can achieve so much more in much less time and with less code, making businesses more nimble and able to ideate more quickly and cheaply.
  4. Extend existing applications - cloud native development enables you to extend existing applications with ease. This could be new features, or aggregating data from a plethora of sources, including IoT devices, to deliver insights to customer trends, areas of possible efficiency improvements.
  5. Maximise the potential of browser technology - use the latest features in browser technologies to deliver offline-available mobile, tablet and desktop user interfaces
  6. Only pay for what you use - with cloud-based development your applications are immediately scalable. Before, this required costly and time-consuming upgrades, now cloud based systems allow you to pay for only what you need and never worry about hitting capacity.

So the benefits may now be obvious, but how can you take full advantage of cloud native development?

Understanding the benefits is the easy part, delivering it is far more challenging. Most organisations I come across don’t have the necessary people and skills in-house to deliver this which is why it’s crucial to engage with a Cloud Services Provider that is native to native and this is exactly where ANS come in.

ANS has a team of cloud native application development specialists, capable of building brand new cloud native applications for your organisation. Whether part of a cloud migration, a refactor of a legacy application or a brand-new revenue stream, ANS can help you bring these applications and experiences to life.

Recently, we’ve worked with commercial law firm, Gunnercooke to help increase their use of automation and consistency in processing large amounts of administrative processes.

With the blueprint in place, ANS were engaged to audit, refine and rebuild the old system as a bespoke, cloud-based application helping to reduce administrative human error and process invoices far more efficiently.

To find out more about this project and how ANS can provide cloud native development services for your business, click here.

Posted by Luke Grimes