What's new and planned for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 October 19 Release

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Microsoft is constantly enhancing their software solutions in order to create a better, more optimised user experience and deliver new capabilities for improving performance. Each of these updates provide the opportunity for significant added value to the users who operate this software day-to-day.

Microsoft’s October 2019 release includes new features for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform (PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI) from October through to the end of March 2020. This is a huge update and with lots of business value and we advise you to take time to evaluate what’s useful to your business and customers.

This release brings new innovations that will provide Dynamics 365 users with hundreds of new capabilities but rather than you having to read the 510 pages of release notes we’ve created a blog series to highlight some of our favourites and the features most asked for by our customers.

Let’s start with Dynamics 365 for Sales

1. Sales Forecasting – improvements in creating the forecast

2. Ability to customise the Opportunity Close form

3. LinkedIn enhancements including the ability to see InMail conversations within CRM forms

4. Hierarchical Territories – new ability to set a Parent Territory on the Territory form

5. Lead Management Enhancements – new ability to choose what gets created when qualifying a Lead, auto populate Account and Contact data if it already exists, copy notes over to Opportunity

6. Business Card Scan – One quick create form for Leads and Contacts meaning you can scan business cards with phone camera (only available in US and EMEA)

7. Line Item enhancements - when adding a line item to Opportunity, Quote, Order or Invoice, you can now add without selecting the price list

8. Softphone dialer – outbound dialing directly from CRM forms


In our opinion the lead management enhancement is the most exciting new feature. There are three key new ways to improve the experience.

1. You can now auto populate lead fields with known data. When your users are creating a lead with an account or a contact that already exists, the details of that record will be auto filled in the lead.

2. Upon a qualification of a lead, a new popup dialogue will appear asking the user to choose the records to create.

3. Once the lead has been qualified, any associated notes will automatically be available to the related opportunity.


                                                                       Watch this short video to see demonstrations of the new functionality


To download the release overview guide, click here.  

Posted by Natasha Spurr