What is an Azure Networking MSP and what does it mean for our customers?

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If you know us well, you’ll be aware we’re constantly striving to improve our services and expertise for our customers, so it probably won’t come as a surprise that we’ve just been recognised as one of just nine global Azure Networking MSPs.

To find out just want this means, we caught up with Mark Johnson, Head of Digital Connectivity to find out how are customers are set to benefit.


Hi Mark, could you briefly explain what the Azure Networking MSP is?

Sure, so Azure Networking MSPs are a specialised set of managed service providers who address enterprise networking needs and challenges across all aspects of cloud networking – from network architecture and planning right through to deployment, operations, maintenance and optimisation. The programme was unveiled at Microsoft Inspire 2019 and there are only 9 global partners in the programme, so it’s a massive achievement to be one of them.


That’s an achievement worth shouting about, but how will it benefit our customers?

At a time when enterprises are pushing into the Azure cloud, the program allows them to help manage an increasingly complex environment. There are 30 networking and security services in Microsoft Azure which can introduce architectural challenges for customers looking to migrate or improve services within the cloud, so the program will enable customers to leverage the necessary architectural support from ANS along with our wealth of expertise and management capabilities.

We’re also an ExpressRoute Systems Integrator and Reseller which means we deliver end-to-end connectivity architecture from a customer’s site, this could be a datacentre, HQ, branch or even a remote worker site. There are several nuances with Microsoft ExpressRoutes and ANS has a thorough understanding of the service and associated services required to deliver high availability, performance and resiliency for our customers.

Thanks for your time, Mark.

If you’re itching to find out more about our networking services and expertise, you can do so, right here.

Posted by Kate Auchterlonie