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For those of you who’ve read any of my earlier blogs (there’s been a few!) You’ll see I am concerned with how Digitalization is transforming all types of companies. A recent 2015 Gartner CIO Agenda Survey, as well as their most recent CEO survey, show that not only do CIOs both expect, and aspire to, a leading role in digitalization, their CEOs now more than ever, expect them to step up and lead the digital charge during this critical transition period of Digitization.

So with this in mind is it an exciting or a stressful time to be a CIO? My answer would be both. A CIO needs to ensure that not only are CIOs meeting these expectations but that they use this opportunity to ensure that their enterprises thrive in an increasingly digital central world.

Where’s the budget?

IT budgets aren’t growing significantly. I don’t really need stats to tell me this, I’m hearing this from CIOs and CEOs every day, at our ANS events, customer meetings and in the press. Gartner revealed that CIOs estimate that 79% of IT spending will be ‘inside’ the IT budget (up slightly from last year). However when we put that into perspective, that slight increase isn’t in accordance with what will need to be put in place to achieve digital innovation, this will need to be budgeted in outside of IT spending. An emphasis needs to be put on finding value in IT VS value in people. By this I mean using machines for automation and putting you people first, using their talent for innovation rather than fire-fighting/operational tasks.

What’s the risk?

Things aren’t measuring up in other areas either. Although digital opportunity is everywhere, the overwhelming majority of this year’s Gartner CIO respondents (89%) agree that the digital world presents new, different and higher levels of risk, and that the discipline of risk management is not keeping up (69%). This evolution will require CIOs to their ability to balance risk with corporate performance.

CIOs have a unique opportunity to play a transformational digital role, but transformation requires abandoning long-held behaviours and beliefs. As Gartner put it ‘from a legacy perspective to a digital one in information and technology leadership, from a focus on the visible to the genuinely valuable in value leadership, and from control to vision in people leadership’.

What’s the solution?

CIOs need to look to remove undifferentiated heavy lifting and focus time on business value IT this will reduce cost, and reduce time to realise value. RAPID Converged Infrastructure from ANS fulfils this requirement. A typical project timeline, from the point of order to the start of migration can take anything in the region of 100 days (and beyond) for a mid-sized organisation. That’s a long time before your business can begin to realise the value of your investment. RAPID brings you a faster time to realise value with deployment time ultimately reduced by up to a third. Too much time is wasted waiting for a workload ready infrastructure to be built, unboxing equipment, racking, cabling, patching and testing. RAPID Converged Infrastructure arrives ready to go at customer site, pre-validated, pre-tested, pre- assembled and pre-integrated.

Once installed, RAPID Private Cloud reduces risk, our automated service reduces operational risk whilst creating operational efficiency. This results in faster application deployment, higher availability, and lower total cost of ownership. You can be assured that your organisation’s digital services can be developed, procured and hosted quickly and securely. RAPID Private Cloud will take you on a journey to the Provision of Service with an overlay of Automation and Orchestration that will deliver a true service catalogue with integration to hyperscale providers such as Microsoft Azure.

It’s an exciting time for both the digital industry and the CIO.

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An insight from Paul Sweeney, CEO, ANS.


Posted by Paul Sweeney