RAPID Deal as ECP.com go From 0 to 60

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Eurocarparts.com appointed ANS to head up the organisation’s datacentre transformation programme. The partnership forms part of a strategic investment plan which is aimed at providing a scalable IT production environment, enabling the organisation to support future growth in line with their business vision.

ECP chose to utilise our pioneering RAPID technology which is based on integrated infrastructure FlexPod and delivered to customers within 28 days.

The future of IT is becoming, more and more, about speed. DevOps cultures are fuelled by faster releases of higher quality applications and Big Data is about faster decisions. We are seeing more and more demand for shorter project timelines.

Every industry is experiencing the effects of digital transformation but ECP are already ahead of the game, pushing tech boundaries. RAPID offers ECP a single point of purchase, support, maintenance and upgrade for a pre-tested and fully maintained complete solution. With no lengthy deployment time, they are able to lead the way in technology and can start using and creating value from their infrastructure immediately.

As ECP looks to continue demonstrating strong growth, RAPID Converged Infrastructure will offer the flexibility to easily integrate and essentially transform into a central global infrastructure.

Andy Campbell CIO at Euro Car Parts spoke to CIO Magazine to explain the key drivers and benefits behind the project with ANS. View the full article today. 

Posted by Paul Sweeney