Prepare for success with ANS Assessment Services

Readiness Assessment

Digitisation is forcing organisations to review their IT strategy, but many don’t know what they have in place or how to start their journey of transformation. And so it’s not surprising that studies have shown that over 50% of IT projects fail or under-deliver against their objectives, if they had a clear objective to start with.

Our approach to making any project a success is to start with a Readiness Assessment.

There is an array of platform options for deploying your applications on – Converged Infrastructure, Hosting, SaaS, Public and Private Cloud - and you need to choose the right one. The purpose of an enterprise architecture Readiness Assessment is to determine which is the best option for your organisation from a technical, operational, financial and efficiency perspective.

At ANS, we do this by following a platform agnostic, three phase methodology of Discovery, Analysis and Delivery. Our customers have experienced the benefit of this approach achieving new technology adoption, stabilisation and compliance. Tracey Scotter, CIO at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals commented:

The Assessment identified an accurate picture of the performance and health of our current application and infrastructure estate. Using this as a starting block, ANS helped us to define a robust business case, which highlighted the enhancements they recommended to ensure our infrastructure was more robust, efficient and ready for innovation.”

To learn how our Assessment Services could help you make your next project a success watch our latest Lightboard video below.

Posted by Andy Barrow