Opus Re-energise IT Infrastructure with ANS

Digital Transformation, Customer

I’m delighted to announce that ANS have partnered with Opus Energy as part of the first step in the Energy providers digital strategy that will be rolled out over the next few years. The partnership will see Opus upgrade its infrastructure as it looks to offer all of its products and service digitally by 2020, a milestone in its digital vision.

With the help of ANS, Opus Energy has undergone the transformation, at its four offices providing it with the almost unlimited scalability and flexibility of cloud computing. This will allow it to take new services to market quicker than ever before and respond more efficiently to customer needs and business demands. It also became one of the first UK businesses to rollout Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) technology optimising traffic through a hybrid WAN architecture.

Opus Energy has been growing at a record rate and the only challenge was having the technology to keep up. Opus Energy differentiates itself from the big six energy suppliers with an agile approach. Their partnership with ANS provides Opus Energy with the ability to be reactive to changes in the market and products it offers in such a fast moving environment.

Industries are being disrupted by what is happening in the digital world and this is about making sure we are fully prepared. Opus now have a system that is completely scalable and can handle linear and non-linear growth. This investment means that across their offices they now have consistency in provision and service for all users. The infrastructure now allows each of Opus Energy’s offices to operate and function independently minimising any downtime and boosting disaster recovery plans.

The IT infrastructure now means that they are no longer hampered by technology so that their developers can bring new products to market quicker than ever before.

An insight from Paul Sweeney, CEO, ANS.

Posted by Paul Sweeney