Meet the only Alliances Apprentice in the country - and she works at ANS!

Career development, Apprenticeship, ANS culture, strategic alliances

In August 2018, we developed a new department within ANS. Headed up by Leah Stiff, our Strategic Alliances team was set to take our partner relationships to the next level. Nearly one year on and we are going from strength to strength as we build better business relationships.

While our new department has been a huge success, it's not a one woman job. So, just a few months go Leah went searching for an Alliances Apprentice and along came Leah 2.0!

At ANS, investing in future talent is something we love to do. We are passionate about promoting employment and stability to young people and we wanted to give someone the chance to kickstart an amazing career in Alliances. As it turns out, this is a unique opportunity as Leah is the only Alliances Apprentice in the UK!

Watch the video to learn more about our Strategic Alliances department and how Leah is getting on in her new role.



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Posted by Kate Auchterlonie