Meet our Women in IT Ambassador 2019

ANS culture, Women in Tech, Diversity

Women in IT has been a hot topic across the industry recently and it's no secret that there's good reason for it. Did you know just 17% of those working in Technology in the UK are female? We think it's about time that number increased!

So at ANS, we are running our very first Women in IT Campaign to raise the question, why are there very few women working in Technology? During our campaign, we will delve into the reasons why, from education, right through to company culture and the impact these have on women throughout their lives. We'll do this through the huge number of blogs, events, interviews and more we have lined up for this year to make some positive noise about Women in IT.

Meet our Women in IT Ambassador of 2019, Beth Williams. Beth will be the face of our campaign throughout the year and she has loads of exciting plans to share with you. So watch the video below to find out more about Beth and what's in store for 2019 at ANS!




Posted by Kate Auchterlonie