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A Blog From Paul Shannon, ANS, COO.

Anybody that has seen me present over the years will know that I am a vigorous advocate of working hard to achieve what you want. In fact, ‘vigorous’ is probably an understatement.

I’m sure people think it’s a fallback presentation, a back-up plan if i’m not fully prepared for an All Staff ANS meeting. This isn’t the case (well, maybe it is sometimes). I bang on about working hard for a multitude of reasons, because if you don’t work hard…

  • Someone next to you will get the job you think you deserve.
  • Your competition will take your customers.
  • Your customers will think that they can do the complex work you are doing themselves
  • You will go backwards in your career
  • Your employer will suffer
  • Your customers will suffer
  • You will suffer

I’m not the smartest person in the world, certainly not in the top 10 percent, but I definitely consider myself up there for effort.  So people that are smarter than me might wonder how I’ve got where I am, at a successful reseller. It is all down to 3 things, I’m convinced of it:

  1. Just say it can be done, then do it
  2. Urgency
  3. GRAFT

Basically when the business has needed me to do something in any of the roles I’ve had, I’ve said yes, done it quickly and worked my hardest to make sure it gets done well.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of someone that is willing to push and push to get something done.  Don’t always pick the seemingly best candidate for the job on paper, pick them because you believe that when you’re not looking, they are working their asses off, just as much as when you are looking.

Look for the person who is willing to do anything to make or keep a customer happy.

One of my top interview tips would be to get candidates to give examples of when they’ve worked so hard to deliver for a project or customer that they believed they couldn’t push any harder.  Don’t just interview based on ‘can you connect X to Y and see Z light flash’.  This can be taught to people with the right attitude.

Attitude over current aptitude is a motto that has stuck with me from my early days of being involved in recruitment.  You can’t train attitude, you are born and raised with it.

We’re always on the look out for talent. So if you’ve got the right attitude, get in touch and do it today.


Posted by Paul Shannon