How is ANS enabling the mainstream adoption of end-to-end IoT solutions?


I had always been passionate about my role as Head of Enterprise Networks at ANS, but I can honestly say, I’ve never been quite as excited about getting up and going to work in the morning as I settle into my new role as Head of IoT.

The connectivity landscape hasn’t changed much over the last decade. Over the years I’ve led countless meetings with customers that were looking to increase uptime, reduce latency and improve efficiency but the conversation is now evolving and getting considerably more thought-provoking.

WANs and LANs will always be important as they continue to provide the backbone of connectivity – but this isn’t what customers really want to talk to me about anymore. They want to know how the right connectivity solution will enable them to enhance the customer experience. They want to gather valuable insights about buying trends and create business value from devices through the development of new services and revenue streams and to deliver this, the answer almost exclusively lies in the internet of things.

I remember when the term ‘IoT’ first emerged 19 years ago (I know I don’t look old enough). Back then the idea resembled nothing more than a futuristic utopia – a world that only existed in sci-fi movies. But in more recent years, the tech press has saturated the market promising that IoT technology will revolutionise the way we work, live and interact with the world around us. But it’s only over the last 5 years or so that we’ve started to see the actual benefits.   

At ANS, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on IoT for almost a decade. We’ve been monitoring and tracking emerging sensor and output developments and as the business has moved through one transformational change to another we’ve edged closer to delivering true end-to-end digital transformation, incorporating IoT capabilities, big data and application development. But naturally, as with any big strategic shift, it’s taken time.

We started this shift back in 2016 when we acquired network specialist, Eison and last year we made another key strategic acquisition with cloud transformation and application development specialist, Webantic. In between making these acquisitions have made significant steps in building and strengthening our partnerships with AWS and Microsoft which has helped to cement out position as the UK’s #1 Cloud Service Provider. All of these key milestones have resulted in us being able to provide our customers with genuine end-to-end digital transformation solutions that no other Cloud Provider in the UK is currently able to offer.

Now I know that might sound like quite a bold statement, but it’s true. By engaging and listening to our customers and working with Gartner we became aware there was a huge gap in the market for a genuine end-to-end digital transformation provider and we knew we had the expertise, skill and above all else the passion to fill this gap.

This passion was driven by our customers needs. We know they expect to derive operational insights from their employees, assets and customers. In response to this, we’re now witnessing the mainstream adoption of big data, cloud native application development and IoT solutions. The market is moving at an accelerated rate and our customers need a strong partner like ANS to enable them to navigate all of these new services.

We’re already begun to make a name for ourselves in the IoT market having worked with Cityverve, a consortium of organisations which are working together to deliver a smarter, connected Manchester which will use technology to change the lives of those living and working in the city, as well as building a blueprint for smart cities worldwide.  The vision sees the union of pioneering IoT initiatives and a team of real world experts to deliver endless possibilities for the city and its people such as improved healthcare, transport and the environment.

We’re also working with Salford City Council to help them improve local services and transform the way the council interacts with residents by enabling them to harness the power of in-depth business intelligence tools, including big data, machine learning and IoT initiatives.

To find out how we’re helping Salford City Council to deploy big data and IoT initiatives to help deliver the next generation of local government services, join our upcoming webinar on the 28th June. To find out more, or to register, click here.


Posted by Mark Johnson