Deploying Web Applications into Azure with DevOps Tooling - Part 3

Microsoft Azure, DevOps

In previous posts we've used Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to automate the deployment of an Azure Web Application. When a change was made in our Git repository it was automatically deployed to a test environment where we could review the changes, before approving deployment into our production environment. In this post we'll look at how we can load test our web app whilst it is in the test environment. If you want to follow along then you'll need to have completed the steps in my last post.

From the VSTS portal select Test from the menu bar, then select Load Test > New > URL based test

image 1


Enter a name for the new test, add the URL of your test deployment.

Image 2-1


Click the Settings link, from here you can select the duration of the test, how many users you want to login, the mix of browsers you'd like to use and the location you'd like to test from. Once you've entered your settings, click ‘save’ and run the test.

Image 3


Once the test is completed you'll be presented with the results, you can view a summary as well as some more detailed charts.

Image 4


Image 5

There are several other automated tests available within VSTS such as unit testing, UI testing and performance testing. Building these into our pipeline and automating them ensures all are deployments are thoroughly tested and provides us with more information when deciding whether to approve to our production environment.

In the 3 posts in this series we have built a release pipeline that will automatically deploy updated code to a test environment, showed how we can test that code, and then approve for automatic deployment into your production environment. There's more to DevOps than just tools and technology, but you're at least halfway there now 😉 

Posted by Dale Marshall