What does it take to work at ANS?

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Call us biased but there is no other sector we would want to work in right now. Getting to work at the forefront of innovation everyday is pretty exciting if you ask us. And what’s more, we get to do it with some of the best people in the industry. But why are our people so inspiring? We caught up with our Talent Manager, Clare Barnes, to find out what it takes to work at ANS.


Hi Clare, what skills do you look for in potential new candidates?

To stay at the top of our game, we want the very best in the business to help us bring world-class service to our customers. We look for innovative people who are doers as well as dreamers. Experience is important yes but as long as you have the skills, and the willingness to learn, you’ll flourish here.


Are skills the only important qualities we look for in people?

Definitely not. For us, it’s also about the values that our people carry. We live and breathe integrity, quality, positivity and passion and they are embedded into everything we do at ANS. We want our employees to embrace and embody each and everyone one of our values from the minute they step through the door.

What I love about ANS is that there is no hierarchical system and all of our directors are approachable. Nobody is defined by their job description; it’s all about giving our people the freedom to flourish in their role the best way they know how.

We are a fast-paced, agile organisation that won’t stop growing anytime soon. No two days are the same. We want people with a can-do attitude to help us keep moving forward in the digital marketspace.


Why is it a good idea to join the world of technology right now?

Because it’s everywhere. Just think about it, technology shapes and will continue to shape the world we live in. Technology is becoming further and further engrained into our every day lives, why wouldn’t you want to be helping to shape the future?

Right now is a really exciting time to join ANS as we enhance our digital capabilities and expand our teams, even creating new teams we’ve never had before. If you’re looking for an industry that is ALWAYS going to be in need of talented workers, then look no further.


Is it true that the technology industry is largely dominated by men?

You could say that, but we are getting closer to equality all the time. At ANS, we launched our first Women in Tech campaign back in January and since then we have learnt so much about how we can encourage more women and young girls to consider a career in technology. We work closely with the Manchester community, especially schools and universities, to help spread the word about how amazing working in tech can really be!


But why work at ANS?

At ANS our motto is “word hard – play harder”. And for a good reason too, it’s what we love to do. It’s important to us to show our employees some appreciation when they deserve it. Perks of working here include Champagne Fridays every month, your birthday off and free yoga classes– and they’re not even the best ones.


Thanks, Clare.

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Posted by Kate Auchterlonie