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We live in a world that is constantly evolving and changing, all thanks to technology. Some people may find it hard to keep up with – but not ANS. At ANS, we thrive on a fast-paced environment in which we can show people what we are made of. We believe our success with hiring the right people who have the determination, skill and passion to drive our business forward. But what makes a career at ANS so special? I sat down with our Recruitment Manager, Clare Barnes, to talk about what qualities and attributes we look for when hiring candidates and what our successful candidates can expect in return from us.


Hi Clare, I wanted to start by asking what values and skills do you look for in ANS employees?

Ideally, I look for people who have all the relevant experience and certifications needed for the position, especially when are recruiting for tech roles. As the UK’s #1 Cloud Services Provider, it is important that we scout out the best available talent we can find to strengthen the business. We look for innovative people who are doers as well as dreamers. In particular, we keep our eyes peeled for problem solvers that use their initiative and are always looking for ways to make improvements to the business.


So why should people with these values and skills join us at ANS?

We are a fast-paced, agile organisation that won’t stop growing anytime soon. No two days are the same. All of our departments are very transversal and everyone is always willing to give you a helping hand when you need it – they will never say ‘that’s not my job’. No matter what role you take on at ANS, our flexible nature allows you to experience a wide variety of projects and share ideas with a range of different people who you might not necessarily work with on a day to day basis.

What I love about ANS is that there is no hierarchal system. All of our directors are very approachable and they lead an open-door culture. Nobody is defined by their job description; you can pick up a huge amount of skills that you can take over to any department and help your colleagues.


That all sounds great. Why is it a good idea to join the world of technology right now?

That’s easy - technology is the way forward. The experience you gain from facing various challenges in this business gives you transferable skills that you can take anywhere. The world is your oyster! Also, technology functions are becoming a fundamental part of every business. But what better place to work than at the core of it all.


Absolutely. What about women though? Is it true that the technology industry is largely dominated by men?

You could say that. However, at ANS we want to include women in our workforce as much as possible. In fact, one project we are currently working on is making links with local schools. Some of our female employees are going into schools and colleges in the community and talking to girls and young women about working in the technology industry. We want them to know that there is a place for women here and they can do just as much as men and do it just as well.


What can successful candidates expect in return for all their hard work for us?

At ANS our motto is “word hard – play harder”. For a good reason too, it’s what we love to do. Flexibility is a huge part of working at ANS and we know how important it is to reward our staff. Perks of working here include Champagne Fridays every month, your birthday off and free fruit in the office – and they’re not even the best ones.


It’s good to know that things are changing in the industry and that businesses are moving with it. Thanks, Clare.

If you think you are someone that meANS business then you can look at our current vacancies here.

Posted by Kate Auchterlonie

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