Are you Getting the Best Value from your Public Cloud?

Public Cloud

We don’t go into many customer meetings these days without the mention of Cloud in some guise, more specifically Hyperscale Public Cloud providers such as Amazon and Azure. And no matter what the marketing around these hyperscalers have said about ‘cost efficiencies,’ the general perception we are seeing from customers is this. Migrating to the Public Cloud is EXPENSIVE.

Not only is it a perception. In a recent customer study, 45% of respondents running services on a Public Cloud platform are looking at running cost efficiency exercises. And so customers are experiencing the high cost of migrating their services, but why is this when all the literature says this should not be the case?

In a nutshell, most people are doing it wrong. They’re not designing the platform in a cloud native way, but are, instead, replicating customers on premise platforms; the storage, the VM’s etc. This is resulting in overprovisioning and a higher cost service. 

To experience the most benefit from Public Cloud, Public Cloud Services need to be designed in a cloud native way. From our experience of building Public Cloud Hyperscalers this way, we know there are some key principles you need to consider; skills, economics, tooling and recovery. For example, Virtual Architects have very different approach to design than Cloud Architects. Virtual Architects deign for stability whereas Cloud Architects design for efficiency, this impacts how the other key principles are managed.

But I’m not going to give all the valuable gold nuggets away in this blog. You can view the full Lightboard video here to understand the key principles you need to consider when your migrating applications to the public cloud so you can ensure the most efficient migration and management of your services.


Posted by Andy Barrow