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Manchester has been shortlisted from 20 European cities to become the European Youth Capital (EYC) in 2018. Amongst the shortlist, Manchester’s competitors include: Cascais (Portugal), Kecskemét (Hungary), Novi Sad (Serbia) and Perugia (Italy).

The city’s shortlisted bid focuses on two main themes, creative diversity and Intergeneration equity which links to four fields of action – creativity and culture, employment and entrepreneurship, participation in civil society, and social inclusion.

If you do a simple web search you’ll find all sorts of news stories about how Manchester is becoming younger – with over 40% of the population now aged 25 or under.

At ANS we’re no stranger to these stats or the importance that young people play in the success of any organisation.

Our ANS Apprentice Academy was set-up 2 years ago in partnership with The Factory Youth Zone and we truly believe that our apprentices sustain culture. It might seem strange to make such a bold statement about new, young people in business, but for ANS, it’s true.

Let’s look at the facts. We set up the ANS Academy over 2 years ago now and its success is marked in many ways:

Over 15 graduates

All 15 graduates have gone on to work in the ANS Service Desk

95% retention of apprentices within ANS

Several graduates have been promoted within the first 12 months.

Apprentices passed various vendor accreditation within 12 months of graduating

All of this has had an amazingly positive impact on our Managed Services team in particular, but also the entire business as a whole.

Graduating apprentices filling junior positions within the Managed Services team is great in itself, but what’s more powerful is the movement it causes throughout the business. Check out a real example of how the impact ripples positively throughout the company:

Apprentice graduates to Event Management team

Event Management Analyst moves to L2 Technical Analyst role

L2 Technical Analyst is promoted to junior L3 Technical Analyst in our Microsoft team

L3 Technical Analyst transfers to ANS Microsoft Pre-sales Consultant

The Net impact to the business is:

ANS builds teams that understand our business and our customers. That understanding strengthens even further as they progress through the roles and levels

Team members get to experience multiple areas and never become stale

ANS saves a fortune in costs normally associated with recruitment

ANS has ambitious employees that strive for more because they know that ANS rewards hard work with career progression.

The all important ANS culture is embedded from the earliest stages of our careers.

At ANS we protect a culture of innovation, technical excellence, vision, and progression. Our young apprentices have helped to cement and build the culture of the company and at ANS we reward that over everything else.

Anyone would agree that it is an exciting time for our city, and an exciting time to be a young person here, for this reason ANS are supporting Manchester’s bid for European Youth Capital 2018.

To learn about why you should support Manchester’s bid and what the city does for our young people click here

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To support Manchester’s bid remember to follow and hashtag @EYC2018 #ETC2018

An insight from Paul Shannon, COO, ANS

Posted by Paul Shannon