ANS recycles old postal bikes for employees

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How do you save the planet, recycle, stay fit and donate to charity all at the same time? That might seem like a tall order, but at ANS anything is possible! We recently purchased 4 old postal bikes for our employees to use at their own leisure during lunch hours.

The bikes were purchased from Cycle of Good, a charity that upcycles (excuse the pun) old postal bikes and then sells them on. For every bike they sell, they donate a bike to their social enterprise in Africa.

Vince Owen, MD of Cycle of Good, started the charity in 2007 when he and a small team built up donations of bikes and sent regular containers full to Malawi and onto a township called Chilomoni, one of the poorest areas in Africa.

Then in 2014, the team heard that the Royal Mail were decommissioning their postal bikes. Several meetings and months later, the Charity managed to secure all 13,000 bikes which were also sent to Malawi, where owning a bike can mean securing work, generating an income, or getting an invaluable education.

Watch the video to find out how Cycle of Good is transforming lives in Malawi by enabling local people to drive their businesses forward.




This initiative comes as we continue our efforts to support Manchester City Council’s pledge of a 41% reduction of CO2 levels by 2020, from 2005 levels. 2 years ago, we launched our own ANS car, a Toyota Aygo, at just 93g/km for the manual gearbox, the tiny Toyota produces less CO2 emissions than other cars making it perfect for our passion for saving the planet.

However, this year we’ve gone one step further to help reduce our carbon footprint. Whether they’re going for a leisurely ride through the park, zooming down the Oxford Road corridor or going on the choccy run, you can be sure our employees will be emission free.

Without initiatives such as Cycle of Good, those thousands of postal bikes would have ended up as waste in landfill sites, serving no purpose. We believe anything can be re-purposed, especially if it means making the world a better place to live!

Not only are we helping to support communities in Malawi and saving the planet with the purchase of these bikes, it also echoes our passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle for our employees. Getting on our new bikes is the perfect opportunity for the team to burn some extra calories while taking in some fresh air. There’s nothing like a blood-pumping lunch hour to get you through the afternoon, is there?

Cycle of Good are doing amazing work for communities in Malawi, learn more about the families they support on their website here.

Posted by Kate Auchterlonie