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David Vukomanovic started his career at ANS in 2007 when he joined the Manchester office as a fresh-faced BDM. From there his career has gone into overdrive. This year he was promoted to Sales Director – Public Sector South.

How did he get there? And what advice does he have for others who’d like to follow in his footsteps?

Dave sat down with ANS to answer these very questions!

ANS: Starting at ANS when you were just 22, why did you choose a career at ANS?

DV: I’ve been at ANS for just coming up to 9 years. In true ANS fashion, I was made to feel like part of the family within minutes. The people I met and the focus on constant reinvention and innovation was refreshing. I knew I’d found a company that were focussed on ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking’.

ANS: What did your role as Business Development Manager involve?

DV: I was part of the ANS’ first ever BDM team. My role involved picking up the phone and cold calling prospects. My first couple of days of calling left me feeling pretty exhausted. Picking up the phone and speaking to strangers who are experts in their field is a massively daunting task. I’m not going to lie at times it was rejection after rejection. You need to have nerves of steel and a determination to win in sales. But it pays to persevere, because mentally once you get your first meeting in the bag you feel like you can achieve anything.

My objective for that first year was to smash my target and gain a car allowance! I put in long hours and asked more senior members of the team for advice. Finally the hard work paid off and I was on the road on my way to my first business meeting after just 6 weeks. From that day I spent most days either out on the road shadowing senior sales managers or hunting down prospects on the phone. I naturally progressed into the role of Account Manager.

ANS: Do you remember converting your first customer?

DV: I’d decided early on that I wanted to focus on targeting the public sector market. The senior leadership team guided me through this decision and helped me to pinpoint which areas could benefit from our services. The sales process is at times long and laborious. Many nights were spent in the office slogging over research and writing up proposals. The day that I converted my first customer is a feeling I’ll never forget, it felt like I’d finally broken through into the world of sales!

ANS: What factors enabled you to progress through the organisation?

DV: After about 2 years working as successful an Account Manager, the leadership team identified that there was an opportunity for us to further expand into the Southern market. I was the first London based employee of the business, and I’ve never looked back! ANS then took on a second London based Account Manager and we formed the first ever Southern Sales team in Old Street.  Growing our presence in the city has been an uphill climb, but well worth the challenges along the way! We are now in a place where we can count a number of high profile organisations as our customers, including one of the largest NHS Trusts in England!

ANS: So let’s look at where you are now. Your current role as Public Sector Sales Director is a definite leap from BDM! How did you get here and what does your role involve?

DV: There was a real need to put a Public Sector Sales Director, who would be dedicated to the Southern region, in place. I understood the sales process from cold call to customer on-boarding having been involved in the journey for many years and as such I was offered the role. For me the transition from Account Manager to Sales Director has been organic, every day I help to guide the team into unchartered territory. My team go through the same things I did and I am able to offer them advice taken from my own experience. My objective is to have a team where every member is capable of beating the sales record which I set a couple of years ago. To then see one the team step and push that record further, that will be a pretty special day and one that cannot come soon enough!

ANS: Ok, finally Dave what’s your favourite part of your new role and what advice would you give to someone hoping to follow your career success?

DV: To be honest, it’s the development of people. I’m now in the privileged position where I get to watch people make their first cold call, book their first meeting and watch them gain their own customers. They develop in front of my eyes and for me that sums up ANS – our culture is constantly changing and evolving! My advice would be JFDI!! Sales is a tough job, you need to develop a thick skin and just get stuck in! Have no fear as you learn through failure and the pay-off is all the sweeter for it!

Posted by David Vukomanovic