An Interview with Apprentice, Kirsty Fitzpatrick

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We established the ANS Academy in 2013, to provides real jobs, with industry leading training and hands-on experience for up to 20 apprentices each year. The Academy enables our apprentices to kick start an IT Career at the cutting edge of technology with clear progression lines through our Managed IT Services and Professional Services Teams.

This month we caught up with Kirsty Fitzpatrick who joined the ANS Academy in July 2016 as a 2nd Line Technical Analyst.

What made you want to join the ANS Academy rather than pursue a more traditional education path such as college or University?

I didn’t really want to stay in full time education. I didn’t want to be stuck in a classroom all day when I knew I could be earning while learning practical skills. All my friends are just starting university and I’m so glad I’m here applying myself and not getting into loads of debt!

What are you enjoying the most about the apprenticeship?

At the moment I am moving around all the departments and getting a feel for lots of different roles. It’s so interesting to see how everything works. I’m also loving meeting new people. I have such a good laugh with everyone and the atmosphere is mostly quite relaxed.

Is there anything you’re finding particularly difficult or challenging?

There isn’t anything really. My workload is well balanced and I’m not really struggling with anything at this stage.

It is so refreshing to see young women taking on technical roles which have previously been dominated by men. You’re clearly helping to break the mould so what would your advice be to young girls who might be put off careers in IT?

Don’t be frightened by a male dominated industry! Men are just the same as women. I was the only girl in my BTEC ICT class so I learnt to get on with lads on a daily basis very quickly. By the time I got to ANS I was already used to the lads and the banter. I actually think I prefer working with guys anyway!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Hopefully I will complete the apprenticeship within the next 3 years. I can’t say at this stage which department I’d like to work in because I haven’t had a feel for them all yet.

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Posted by Helen Thomas

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