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Right people, right tech, right customers, get these three areas spot on, in any business and you’re on to a winner.

Right people

The number one challenge for HR departments, according to a recent study, is “attracting better talent’ with 39% of firms seeing it as a key issue to overcome. The second biggest priority is reducing staff churn, with 37% of HR departments looking to reduce employee turnover.

That means attracting and keeping talent can’t be taken for granted. It needs a long term strategy, one that doesn’t just stop after the recruitment process is over.

Our motto is ‘work hard, play harder’ and by having that ethos, the culture of the company and the personality of our employees fit together from the start.

Attracting the right talent doesn’t necessarily mean hiring the most qualified. At ANS we recruit for attitude and train for skill. That means training programmes like the Sales Academy are crucial, and ensure that our teams continue to get better and better. Apprenticeships, like the ANS Academy are a great way to nurture young talent and develop the next generation of digital leaders.

When it comes to keeping the right people, champagne Fridays help too.

Right tech

Speed, agility and innovation win in the marketplace, regardless of industry. And technology has the potential to enable all three. The key is helping IT teams to realise value, faster by using technology that removes the heavy lifting and means that companies can focus on business value IT. It’s about transforming IT teams into business enablers who can now focus on developing, modernising and deploying business applications faster.

The solution is RAPID. You can find out more about RAPID infrastructure here

Right customers

Ever heard the saying “you get the clients you deserve?” Well I’m a big believer in that and I think the key is the connection in the very first meeting.

Regardless of sector or size, if you have a similar business culture and ethos, the relationship will (usually) go from strength to strength.

Our aim is to truly understand the challenges and opportunities that drive our customers and in turn be the first to deploy leading edge solutions to help them achieve this. From the outset, we find out what IT means to our client’s business. Once that’s established, both ANS and the customer are on the same page, with shared objectives.

Right now, we check we’re on track through our Raving Fans customer satisfaction programme. That means we’re all continuously striving to achieve next level customer service.

An insight from Paul Sweeney, CEO, ANS.

Posted by Paul Sweeney