Why tech sales is the job for you

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Rewind to last year, I had just finished university studying Law LLB. At the horror of having to wear a white powdered wig and defend some questionable characters, I knew that I didn’t want to be a lawyer. However, it taught me many transferable skills, skills which eventually lead me to dive into the world of sales.

After completing the gruelling assessment days in training, I was lucky enough to be invited to an interview at ANS. Immediately I knew this was the place to start my career. Through a variety of interviews and assessment days, I decided IT Sales was the job for me. While I appreciate this role may not be for everyone, here are a few reasons why I believe a career in sales is awesome!


This is perhaps the main reason I went into sales. The progression in most sales jobs (particularly technology) is incredible. During my interview at ANS, the role and the progression ladder was made crystal clear. This motivated me hugely, it was really inspiring to see where I could be in a few years with some hard work and determination. Management at ANS were true to their word, as I was promoted within 7 months of starting here by absorbing the culture of the office and working to the best of my ability. This is unheard of in a law career, where usually you reach your peak around age 40/50… I didn’t have time for that.

Targets and Goals

Coming from a sporting background, I’ve been used to setting goals most of my life. Goals and targets can be applied to all areas of life, whether it be for health, savings, or in this case, work. I believe a workplace that sets realistic targets motivates people and encourages people to push themselves. Reaching targets is the driving force behind success in sales. If you work well under pressure and you want to see rewards for the effort you put in, then a career in sales is for you. For me, coming to work knowing what I need to do and where I am heading helps me enjoy the day more. Rather than coming to work doing the same thing day in day out with no desire to move forward.

Solution Selling

This one is more specific to the ANS sales function. I joined ANS at an exciting time just as they were starting to transition into an end-to-end Managed Cloud Services provider. ANS prides itself on nurturing strong relationships with its partners which has strengthened their ‘partner not a supplier’ ethos. This turn has helped to boost our customer-obsessed culture which was something that really resonated with me, meaning a lot of deals and USP’s have become business and outcome-focused, pushing a need to develop a longstanding relationship with another business, as opposed to a quick ‘say anything to sell' technique. Call me biased but ANS genuinely listens to the needs of a customer and can really make a difference to people’s lives, especially within the health and education sectors.

IT Industry

Another reason I would highly recommend a career in IT Sales is the market itself. Before starting at ANS, I had no previous IT experience other than a few nifty PowerPoints I made way back when. However, after learning more about the industry and the markets we sit in, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The speed that the world of IT moves is phenomenal. Our CTO, Andy Barrow, is a wizard at sniffing out growth markets and positions ANS to be one of the first to jump onboard. IT and the way ANS move with the times makes it an incredibly exciting place to work, and I love learning the ins and outs of a new solution or product.

Money Motivation

Anyone who says they don’t want to make a decent wage at work is either lying or a priest. This is one of the biggest reasons most people go into sales. Executed correctly, a career in sales can be very lucrative. However, what is appealing for me it that it’s a classic story of ‘you get out what you put in’. Working on a commission structure motivates people to work as hard as possible to see rewards every month. The desire for solutions and products surrounding IT will only ever increase, meaning there will always be IT Sales machines who will reap the benefits if they work hard!

Working in IT sales might not be for everyone, but for the right person, I would say it’s one of the most rewarding jobs out there. If you are a resilient individual who prides themselves on their hard work and motivation, then this may be for you. If you enjoy working and listening to people’s needs and the thought of fine tuning an art such as sales excites you then you should consider this career!

Fancy a career in sales and want a new and exciting challenge at ANS? Take a look at our current opportunities here.

Posted by Elliot Hynes