4 Things We Learnt During Wellbeing Week 2019

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Each year we dedicate a week in October to mental health awareness. We jam-packed 1 week full of treats, workshops, good to talk sessions and conversations surrounding the topic of mental health in the workplace and how we can support each other.

But wellbeing week isn’t just for October, it’s just a small snippet of how seriously we take wellbeing and mental health at ANS. Our people are supported all year round by their managers, mentors and each other. We all know looking after number 1 is a priority, but we learnt so much more during wellbeing week, let’s take a look at what we found out…


Put down the McDonalds and pick up an apple

A pretty obvious one when it comes to health and wellbeing but worth a mention nonetheless. Monday of wellbeing week saw us talking all things nutrition with Dalbinder Bains. Dalbinder is a Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist who joined us to talk about how we can optimise our eating habits to increase our energy levels.

The session was super informative as we learnt about how to spot signs of stress and how we can use food to help alleviate some of those symptoms. Dalbinder gave us her 6 golden rules of nutrition, you'll have to ask her if want to know what they are!

She certainly left us hungry for more and we can’t wait to put these tips into action.


If you’re not sleeping right, forget it

We invited Julie McGann, Founder of and Wellness Specialist at Unicorn and Co to run a sleep workshop for our employees. And no, we didn’t just take a nap together – as much as we would have loved that too!

Did you know that, throughout our lives, we spend an enormous 26 years sleeping and, surprisingly, we also spend 7 years trying to get to sleep? That’s 33 years spent in bed! We can think of much better things to be doing with that time…

The interactive workshop was designed to help us understand why we sleep and what happens when we are catching Z’s. We learnt how much sleep is enough (turns out it’s a lot!), what sleeping positions will keep you looking younger for longer (defo trying out a few of these) and which ones are good for our health.


Reaching the happiest place on earth is harder than you think

After some extensive research (a quick google search actually does the trick), we discovered that Finland is in fact the happiest place on earth with a whopping score of 7.9 out of 10. We think that is pretty impressive and in an effort to get closer to some happier vibes during wellbeing week, we challenged our people to cycle a hefty 1011 miles to Finland in 1 week.

A tall order you might say but that didn’t stop us jumping on our bike and giving it a go! We have a few avid cyclists at ANS and even one competitive cyclist, we even managed to get our most avid cake fiends peddling. The expectations were high with this one.

A couple of days in and we were looking good, already a few hundred miles down and we were starting to feel more Finnish by the minute. Friday came around and we needed a big push. After our Bid and Framework Manager, Anthony, put in a serious shift, we fell short by the smallest of margins – not something we are used to! Maybe next year ey?


Wellbeing is everybody’s responsibility

At ANS, we aim to create a culture where our people feel it’s ok to make mistakes and they have the freedom to do the job how they see it. We’re strong advocates that the all-important work-life balance comes first and no one should feel alone if they are struggling day-to-day.

Of course, our priority is looking after number one, because if you can’t take care of yourself, how in the world can you take care of someone else? But that doesn’t mean we can’t look out for our colleagues when they need us.


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Posted by Kate Auchterlonie